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28-Sep-2017 23:49

Using these tools can help you increase your Ad Sense earnings by showing only ads you think would be relevant to your visitors.

It can also hurt your earnings if you're not careful.

These include things like weight loss, dating, drugs & supplements, politics, sexual & reproductive health, etc.

Things you may want to block because they might offend some of your readers.

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Google has separated some categories into a special section for Sensitive Categories.

We’ve talked about the impact these ads could have on bounce rate before.

Some ad categories by their very nature are sensitive.

Ad categories are essentially silo’s of ads that are organized by their subject matter.

This allows Google to ensure they are serving the most relevant material to users visiting pages with Google ad tags on them.

At that point blocking sensitive categories might be a good idea.

To give you editorial control over the ads that appear on your site, we offer several options for reviewing and blocking ads that may appear on your pages. The Allow & block ads page in your ac.… continue reading »

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Feb 25, 2016. They include, but are not limited to – dating, religion, politics, gambling, black magic, cosmetic procedures and body modification, drugs and supplements, get rich quick. Online publishers have a choice to block ads from these and other categories from ever showing on their websites, but what's the cost?… continue reading »

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Jan 27, 2013. This post deals with blocking ads from your own website as a publisher and not as a consumer of the content while browsing. At times there might cases when you do not want to show certain types of ads on your websites. These can be due to a variety of reasons, but most often very specific to your website.… continue reading »

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Feb 19, 2014. To Block Individual Ads That Showed on Your Site. Head over to. Now, if you're really particular as to what type of ads show on your site, you might consider blocking entire categories instead. As you can see, you can easily block ads from categories such as dating, sex, politics, weight loss and more.… continue reading »

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