Bind9 not updating zone serial Free xx xtreme dating

26-Sep-2017 15:14

The following information is based on creating reverse zones using BIND.The principles should be the same for other DNS software; however, the details are likely to be different.

The default is only used when a particular resource record does not have its own specified TTL value.The serial number of the current version of the DNS database for this domain.If a secondary server’s number is lower than the number of the primary server, it indicates that the secondary server’s records are out of date and that it requires a zone transfer from the primary server.But I have checked and triple checked my config files and the syntax and can't find anything wrong.

Monday, March 26, 2012. Dynamic DNS updates with nsupdate and BIND 9. I first saw nsupdate mentioned on the devops-toolchain mailing list as a tool for dynamically updating DNS zone filesMar 26 dns01 named14952 zone sending notifies serial 2012032104.… continue reading »

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Remember to increment the serial number in your zone’s SOA record after changing the zone data. Telling a BIND 9 name server to reload a dynamically updated zone has no effect, since the name server doesn’t expect you to update the zone manually.… continue reading »

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