Best female online dating profile

26-Mar-2017 16:01

Give examples of trips you've taken or weekend activities you enjoy.These show him you have free time and that you use it to have fun.

Katz suggests showing, and not telling, that you're close to them by giving an example of something you do together."Use one sentence to describe what you do for your children, like throwing a birthday party for your 13-year-old or playing Legos with your 3-year-old." No doubt your kids are an important part of your life and you want someone who respects that, but Katz says, "Don't spend more than one or two lines on You say: I'm young for my age.He hears: I'm older than my profile says, but you won't date me if I tell you my real age.That means he might worry he'll invest time messaging you only to find you won't meet in person.