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In English, a delicacy is usually a rare and special treat.

How should we interpret the title of David and Stéphane Foenkinos’ romantic dramedy?

It also earned Tautou a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) nomination for best actress.

In 2002 she appeared in the ensemble comedy ), director Claude Miller’s adaptation of the François Mauriac novel (1927) of the same name.

“Amélie’s” Audrey Tautou is Nathalie, a contented Parisian whose life upends when her perfect husband dies.Chatting with Tautou, who's famous for both Amélie and those cheekbones, over the phone? The French actress prefaces our conversation with an apology: "The phone is always so difficult for me," she laments, "because I can't use my hand to communicate with little air-throwing movements." Damn, that's cute. It is 'L'écume Des Jours.' The direct translation would be, 'the foam of the days.' [As in] when the sea is retiring, and there's that white water on the surface of the waves, which is disappearing from us.I like the idea, and the serenity in believing that together can last forever.He brings something very unconventional to the aesthetic of the movie and so different from everything else in cinema.