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Because of my disability I could not go down to my knee, but she watched me slide down a step so that I would be looking up at her gorgeous eyes. After the tears had faded and our little helpers in the back of the church revealed themselves I gave her two more surprises.

A personally and uniquely designed wedding band (a story for another time) and a surprise winter-wonderland engagement party.

The thirteen years that followed our first meeting was filled with long road trips down country roads, blasting music, beach trips and so much laughter our stomachs still hurt. Both of us realized we couldn't deny that what we wanted more than anything was to spend our lives with our best friend.

The catch though is that I had just moved 1200 miles away to Nashville, TN.

Turn the pages back with me so you can glimpse into a story that's first pages were penned nearly fifteen years ago. My brother-in-law had just become her newest youth pastor and I was the bratty little brother tagging along to meet all these new kids taking up my sister and brother-in-law's attention.

I still remember how left out and lonely I felt the first time I met her.

She is trustworthy, encouraging, challenging and always knows how to make you smile.

So much prayer and counsel went into the resolution of this gaping canyon between us. She decided and I agreed that it didn't matter where we lived as long as they were together. If she was willing to follow me to Nashville to work with me to pursue my dreams, I knew that I needed to make sure she knew forever that to be with me, meant that her dreams are as much mine as they are her's.