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15-Feb-2018 18:11

He says the black community needs new leadership and is not served well by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Russell Simmons and Spike Lee.He said he believes these men should be viewed with more skepticism.Tune in tonight then visit us on Facebook to discuss your thoughts and reactions. Visit Anderson for your local airtime and channel information." Do we make unconscious judgments about people based on skin color?And, for the children involved in our landmark study, did their answers to our questions change, depending on race?

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and whether she’s dating, she told him she’s been trying interracial dating and “playing in the snow.” She says: “I’m beginning to play in the snow a bit.

We asked readers to post short video comments answering the question of whether racism still exists and where it comes from, in response to the study commissioned by AC360° to explore children's perception of race.

We got a number of fascinating responses that branched in three distinct directions. We need to look at the black community's leadership Jerome Almon of Detroit says he used to be a political science lecturer.

FULL POST For the past year, Anderson Cooper and the producers at AC360° worked on a project that explores how children form opinions on race.

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The purpose of "Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture" was to find out more about when they notice race, what informs their views and how all of that differs for black and white children. Killen's role was not just to design and implement the study, but also to help us analyze the findings so we could inform parents and teachers."How do Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make a living? "You see them after a tragedy takes place."Almon went on to say that he believes these people have little credibility with black youths. It had been a while since our production team hung out in elementary or middle schools, but while some things change, others remain the same.Some kids were still cliquey, bells still rang when it was time to change classes and students still walked in single file lines.Television personality Jacque Reid will share her experience with dating outside her race, and shocking survey results from ESSENCE readers will be revealed.