Always being rejected dating

28-Jan-2018 15:53

Sadly, for this type of rejection, there's nothing you can improve on.

The important thing is to learn something from each rejection. When a girl closes any communication path before even uttering two words, it's pretty obvious she's hooked on (or with) somebody else.

In other words, you are not in her league or her “type” of guy.

The truth is, physical appearances matter, especially when you first meet someone.

Letting her know that all you want is to get laid always equals rejection.

Here are some things to make approaching her easier: In the end, the essential thing is to turn a negative experience into a positive lesson. Stay optimistic and adopt the saying, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."The truth is, success is within your power. The only way a baby learns how to walk is by learning to rise after each fall.

So, get back on your feet, see what you can improve upon and change your luck with women.

The easy way out of this badly reputed zone is to change your social circle.

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Find new venues, dare to go out alone and try new approaches. Shock these people in a positive way to show you're not that flabby guy they thought you were.

Some initial flirting will hint to your intentions while easing into the approach. Therefore, if one interaction seems to yield the results you're after, keep it simple.