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18-May-2017 12:27

How appropriate would it be for the staff to come together and buy her a small gift as a token of our appreciation for her hard work?

Would us all individually stating our thanks be more appropriate, and how would this best be communicated?

Once they heard I was interested my old department, they said they’d post a job for me to apply for.

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The factors ranged from the environment to the mix of personalities, body types, and preferences.I decided to treat the group like a real organization.I put systems in place to handle the administrative aspects of finding hosts, teaching hosts how to throw a good event, and handling event registration.But if you’re asked for details — or worse, a reference connected to your work there — you’re going to quickly get into territory that requires you either to lie or to make your interviewer very uncomfortable.

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I know that’s crappy, but I can’t see a way around it. Should I tell a rejected candidate that their parent protested our hiring decision?

But when there’s a clear application process already laid out, it’s generally pretty annoying when people try to go around that rather than following the instructions we asked you to follow. If she thinks it makes sense to set up a call, she will let you know. Can I praise my boss for her work turning around our organization? My boss (of a small not-for-profit) was recently moved into the top role when the CEO left and is now managing the whole organization.

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