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As long as the posts don’t advertise an illegal service, Backpage isn’t responsible, and many of the ads use slang terminology such as “date,” (which means sexual favors) or will simply state that the women are offering companionship. You pay for the ad, and when I get an underage girl, if I subpoena Backpage to find out information about the advertisement, they bend over backwards,” Plants said.“They know what they do, but they bend over backwards to get me all the information that will help me with my case.” According to experts, pimps target individuals with certain traits and begin what is known as the “grooming” process. D., is a Shreveport psychologist who worked with rapists and child molesters at a Massachusetts prison.Most people don’t realize how transient they are.” Special Agent Plants and the task force make the majority of their arrests in undercover operations through websites such as, a site similar in appearance and function to Craigslist, but rather than household goods and cars for sale, the site is a haven for pimps to purchase and post prostitution ads.“Ninety-five percent of prostitution is through Backpage nowadays. “Backpage made approximately million off those ads last year.” And shockingly, is legal.While Polaris reports that the prevalence of sex trafficking in the U. is still unknown, they have identified nearly 6,000 sex trafficking cases involving U. citizen survivors through operating the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

In 2014, Gingerbread House worked 28 cases of sex trafficking of minors, the youngest being age six, and in 2013, they conducted interviews with 35 child victims of commercial sexual abuse in northwest Louisiana.

He said traffickers likely look for children who exhibit signs of neglect, such as the child who gets picked up late from school or who is not dressed appropriately for the weather.

“Another aspect is the particular background in which someone is raised, “ Vigen said.

Brittany sat alone in the passenger seat of a car outside of Dallas wiping the blood from her face, stunned by the violent encounter she just had with the man she thought loved her.

And under the wrong circumstances, anyone’s child, friend or relative can become a victim of human slavery.

She said they typically go through a honeymoon phase where they shower the girls with gifts and attention in order to garner their trust.

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