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“She’s just a means to an end.” Brittany (whose last name is being withheld to protect her identity) will be the first to say she was brought up with good values in a stable home.She doesn’t fit the typical profile of a sex trafficking victim, but her story supports the fact that trafficking doesn’t discriminate.“Often the men are very seductive in the fact that they’re very flattering and give lots of attention.They groom them.” Danita Wynes, a psychology doctoral candidate, has conducted extensive research on gang members, who sometimes traffic young women as part of gang initiation.Most people don’t realize how transient they are.” Special Agent Plants and the task force make the majority of their arrests in undercover operations through websites such as, a site similar in appearance and function to Craigslist, but rather than household goods and cars for sale, the site is a haven for pimps to purchase and post prostitution ads.

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She fell for her friend’s 22-year-old brother, and after his promises of a future together she decided to take the next step in intimacy. I lost my respect for it, and I was going to play guys how I felt played.” The daughter of a football coach and teacher, her family relocated to a small town on the state line of Louisiana and Texas and Brittany began her junior year of high school, only to develop a reputation for promiscuity.

“For whatever reason, if you want to say it’s the casinos (attracting) them, or the I-20 corridor.

We’re so close to Jackson, Miss., and Dallas, and the girls are transient.

When a child is rescued from sex trafficking, the Gingerbread House is the place they are taken for interviews and counseling.

In 2014, Gingerbread House worked 28 cases of sex trafficking of minors, the youngest being age six, and in 2013, they conducted interviews with 35 child victims of commercial sexual abuse in northwest Louisiana. According to Polaris Project, a global organization dedicated to ending human trafficking, sex trafficking is defined as commercial sex induced by force, fraud or coercion or in which the person induced is 18 years of age or younger. In a split second the pregnant 18-year-old found herself being repeatedly punched by her pimp and deep down inside she heard a voice telling her, “It’s about to get real bad.” In 2013, Brittany became one of 4.5 million victims of sex trafficking worldwide., or they might think that it happens overseas only or only in large cities,” Miller said. There are kids in every neighborhood being trafficked, and people don’t even know about it.