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It is a lot harder than it seems and takes a lot of work from a lot of talented people.

Early in the development of GODZILLA: THE SERIES the concept artists created dozens of monsters, many of which never made it on the show.

Initial monster designs were drawn up and the idea was shopped around to the networks until FOX agreed to buy forty episodes of the series for their Saturday morning “FOX Kids” lineup.

The advance purchase was a great advantage for Sony, as forty is the number of episodes needed to later sell a series as a daily strip to syndication.

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Executive Producer Jeff Kline wrote an outline and bible for the show, working closely with Devlin and Emmerich as the movie was still in production.EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS) MEN IN BLACK, STUART LITTLE, STARSHIP TROOPERS, and JACKIE CHAN.When it was learned that Sony had picked up the rights to Godzilla from Toho Co., Ltd. The plans to go ahead with the cartoon were finalized eight months before the movie actually came out."Customers that are caught tampering with their Opal card may have their card cancelled," they said.

Under Opal's terms of use, transit officers can confiscate cards, but in this case it is impossible as it is under his skin.By adapting the Tri Star Godzilla into a weekly animated television show, Sony was able to take the new design and add the Japanese monster’s characteristics and turn it into one of the hottest shows on Saturday morning television. How was it developed and just who was behind all of this?Let’s start from the beginning and see what it takes to put a show like this together.We also have popup rooms, dual screens, 'mouse over'history thumbs and much more.