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series of quiz games and the first to appear on the Play Station 3 console. Buzzers, a USB dongle for wireless connectivity (each dongle can connect 4 buzzers to the Play Station 2 or Play Station 3). David Amor, the creative director, in an interview with IGN stated that users would be able to freely create their own question packs which will be completely moderated by other users via user ratings, and a special "report content" button will flag inappropriate packs, as well as a parental guidance monitor to prevent free downloading by minors.

PS3), developed by Relentless Software and Sleepydog, is the seventh game in the Buzz! The game is available in a game only (Solus) version or in a bundle which includes 4 of the new wireless Buzz! : Quiz TV - Special Edition will comprise the already released updates plus some of the question packs that were available via the Play Station Store.

Jekyll vs The Werewolf ___ 4 Almost Human ___ 6What Have You Done to Solange ___ 7Rabid Dogs ___ 15All the Colors of the Dark ___ 1Tomb of Torture...

and lets see who can match them with the correct number'd picture at the top of this thread. Jekyll vs The Werewolf Almost Human What Have You Done to Solange Rabid Dogs Bad Inclination All the Colors of the Dark Cannibal Man Tomb of Torture X-312 Flight to Hell Crimes of the Black Cat Slaughter Hotel Vengence of the Zombies Hands of the Ripper Nightmares Come at Night Beautiful Killing Machine Satan's Blood Bloody Moon The Black Belly of the Tarantula Emergency Squad Dr.

The website, that users visited to create their own quizzes, now redirects to the generic Buzz website.

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You will choose a HW topic, compose 2 questions on topic, send it to me via e-mail, google doc, or, hand written.

You'll each take your turn as QM by asking your questions. You will hand your questions back to me when you have finished as QM.

game to feature user created content and online play. Quiz TV was one of the first games to support the Play Station 3 trophy system, and the first online game to support the feature.

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Each user created question pack has eight questions, and individual packs can be linked consecutively. SCE and Relentless have shut down the server that handles this function.

Choose a quiz and challenge yourself with a rich collection of brainy questions in a wide spectrum of categories including: Television, Celebrities, Video games, Entertainment, Movies, Music, Sports, Hobbies, Science, Technology, Literature, Humanities, History, Geography, Biology and more.