Accomodating people with

27-Aug-2017 04:22

They often begin to feel run down, depressed, resentful, anxious and even sick.

Care-taking though is a part of who they are and if they stop doing it, they often begin to feel bad about themselves.

Therefore, it is important to have an open communication with any employees with disabilities and check-in with them regularly.

Local advocacy groups and organizations that provide services to people with disabilities or websites for national organizations (like the Canadian National Institute for the Blind or Canadian Mental Health Association can also provide helpful resources about understanding or accommodating specific disabilities.

Good luck…and if you don’t want to do this challenge…JUST SAY NO!

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The duty to accommodate is most often applied in situations involving persons with physical or mental disability but it also applies to all other grounds covered by the Canadian Human Rights Act, for example: Please note: Different jurisdictions may have different interpretations about the duty to accommodate.Many accommodation options available to you as an employer can be low-cost or no cost.While you may have to make some changes to workstations or provide an assistive device or assistive technology, many changes are simple.When we constantly put the needs of everyone else ahead of our own needs, we have no one looking out for us.