Access update query not updating

08-Nov-2017 23:21

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For more information about restrictions when you convert data types, see the section Restrictions on data type conversions.

The dates that you can convert depend on the size of the number field.

Changing records manually is not only time consuming, it is also inefficient, and lends itself to errors as you update the records.

The best way to handle this type of event, the updating of many records in a database table, is to use an Update Query to make the changes to data in one operation.

Now consider the following scenario example, that will illustrate the use of a Microsoft Access Update query: One of your product suppliers has decided to increase the price of their products by 3 percent (%) across the board.

You have decided that you will use an Update Query to change all of the relevant records in your Products table.

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As you continue, remember that although the data types for each table field do not have to match, they must be compatible.

Access must be able to convert the data in the source table into a type that the destination table can use.

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