Abstinence during dating

18-Mar-2017 15:37

While this may not be the ideal attitude towards dating, the truth is many men have such expectations from their partners.If dating without any likelihood of physical intimacy is not your cup of tea, then it is better to move on right away.Everything that I learned, realized, overcame and experienced by keeping this promise to myself made it truly the best year of my life. I learned that I had to heal and become whole myself before I could enter a healthy relationship with another.If you find yourself caught in a cycle of unfulfilling and destructive relationships, a similar course of action may be of benefit to you too.These are the things that worked for us, that may be a solid starting point for you, too.

The love I had been seeking in others my whole life I gave to myself throughout this year.If you’re single and trying to keep the golden door closed, you may often find yourself grappling for insight on how to stay on track with that goal.My husband and I dated for over two years and were proud to have made it to the altar without dipping in each other’s cookie jars!For the first time in my life I gave myself the chance to discover and be to live as I am, to listen and live from my heart and to love myself as I am.