10 dating mistakes guys make top 10 intimidating animals

06-Nov-2017 07:40

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Keeping your eyes on the walls / table the road while talking to your date is a sure way to turn her off.

Keeping your eyes on your company is an obvious matter of social courtesy and an essential element for building attraction.

Then, the value and the impact of your compliments will diminish and your kind words become meaningless.

Remember, a compliment has impact and value when it is well deserved because then it communicates to the recipient of that compliment that whatever good things you have to say about someone are not meaningless flattery out of desire to be liked and accepted but your sincere opinion.

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Once you discuss the “process” of dating, relationships, or of making her interested and attracted to you, you are very likely to end up in a friend zone – a situation you surely want to avoid.

Make sure you don’t play safe and don’t “walk on eggshells” on your first date and that your conversation has a playful / teasing / sarcastic undertone throughout.

Surely, you should not be funny all the time because that will make you come across as goofy or a clown, but mixing sharing serious thoughts with witty / clever humor is a recipe for creating attraction.

Remember, what makes a date a date as opposed to a friendly meeting is FLIRTING.

Flirting means being playful, teasing each other, and being sarcastic.Nothing will make you come across as more desperate, needy and otherwise unattractive than buying a woman’s attention with an expensive dinner, theater show, etc…Save those great activities until later – until you know that you both like each other.In order to do well on a first date, not only should you do certain things right, but it’s just as important not making the very common first date mistakes that sabotage your opportunity to develop attraction and have chemistry with the woman you are out with and who you find attractive and interesting.